Pumpkins & Dragons is a Halloweeny fantasy role-playing game

In the spooky-ass Pumpkin Realm it's Halloween every night, and that means it's always time to head out in search of candy and adventure — just be sure to return to your lair before sunrise or you'll turn into a pumpkin!

In Pumpkins & Dragons, players create monster adventurer characters inspired by classic medieval fantasy role-playing games, smashed up with spooky, light-hearted Halloween imagery. Will you play a vampire magician, a halfling skeleton thief, a Frankenstein bard, or something that makes even less sense?

To get started, visit the Downloads page and grab yourself a copy of the rules and other junk.

P&D is an all-ages game... I think. Well, hold up, I think I said "shit" a couple times in the rulebook. Plus of course there's lots of relatively(?) light-hearted violence and probably some gore. Booze is mentioned a few times. But that's about as bad as it gets. Anyhow, parental discretion is advised.

Happy adventuring and happy Halloween!

— Manning Krull

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