Here's the 0th edition P&D rulebook and tons of supplementary... uh... supplements, all in handy PDF format:

Pumpkins & Dragons rulebook — basic rules, character creation, everything you need to get started.
P&D character sheet — it's a character sheet.
Dastardy Dossier — a monstrous-manual-type thing!
Magic candy list — 100 types of magic candy players might find.
Magic items list — 100 of 'em!
Magic weapons list — 100 badass enchanted weapons, armor, shields, etc.
Halloween costumes list — 100 costumes to choose from or to roll randomly for.
Curses list — guess how many? (it's 100.)

These downloads are all free, but please consider tipping me a few bucks through Ko-fi if you can! Any amount is appreciated!