Dastardly Dossier A-Z gallery

A selection of 26 beasts from the P&D monstrous-type manual. Prints, t-shirts, etc are available in the shop!

Pumpkins & Dragons Dastardly Dossier Attack o'lantern Boo-hoo Cockathrice Dragon! Eye-scream Frawd Gummi golem Huge-munculus Imp-olite Just a hand Kelpie Lambon Gummi Worm Mimic monkey Night fright Orc Pumpk'night Quicksand elemental Rougarou Scare-foe Trick-or-tree-ter Uni-corn Vampyre Witchfork Xylobone Yikes! Zentaur

The complete Dastardly Dossier download will be available soon! It'll contain all these creeps' stats and stuff.

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